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AnyCasting Version 6.8

  • 24th August, 2021
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AnyCasting Software would like to bring you the release of AnyCasting Version 6.8.

It greatly improves the convenience of observing results and enhances existing functions for more efficient use.
Please refer to below and our homepage for more details.

• Thermal modulus
- Considers the materials used and corresponding solidification time to predict the coefficients Greatly helps in predicting shrinkage defects and the size of the risers

• Liquid-Solid Fraction
- Displays the liquidus/solidus fraction based on the liquidus and solidus line or Fs-T curve data

• Thermal Analysis after Demold
- Analysis of the temperature of the cooling process to room temperature after eject, not just cooled in the mold, can be used for elastic/elasto-plastic simulation

• Improved Leak Feature
- Step-by-step setup process description mode supported for setting the Leak module

• Improved Auto Report
- Setting subdivision, video/image selection simplified and supported for different languages (Korean, English, Chinese)