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Sand Casting


& Mechanical

In the production of casting, in addition to defects that occur during filling and solidification, such as shrinkage or misrun, the structure and mechanical properties of the product after solidification is also important. AnyCasting’s Cast Iron module predicts the phase fraction and mechanical properties of ductile graphite cast iron and gray cast iron by entering the chemical composition of the alloy. When calculating the cast iron, the calculation is carried out until after the solid-state transformation temperature so that the phase fraction of the structure and the more accurate result of the nucleation growth of graphite can be predicted.

Microstructure & Mechanical Property1
  • Calculation of thermal properties through input of chemical composition
  • Improved analysis accuracy through temperature - dependent data calculation
Microstructure & Mechanical Property2
Results Unit Ductile Cast Iron Gray Cast Iron
1 Graphite Volume Fraction o o
2 Carbide Volume Fraction o o
3 Ferrite Volume Fraction o o
4 Pearlite Volume Fraction o o
5 Brinell Hardness HB o o
6 Tensile Strength MPa o o
7 Yield Strenght MPa o x
8 Elongation % o x
9 Nodule Count Nodule Count per Unit Area (1/mm2) o x
10 Cell Count Cell Count per Unit Area (1/mm2) x o