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Shot Sleeve

The Shot Sleeve setting which controls the filling speed is one of the most important condition settings in High Pressure Die Casting. There are two types of settings : a method of inputting a low/high speed distance and a corresponding speed, and a multi-step filling method that inputs a speed value according to the distance, much like setting an actual shot sleeve condition

  • Possible to analyze with the actual filling process conditions
  • Low/high speed conversion section and speed optimization
  • Control gas and oxide defects generated during filling
Product Name : CLUTCH HOUSING Melt Material  : ADC12 (JIS)


Melt Material : ADC12 (JIS)

Set 2 Steps Transition

Set 2 Steps Transition

Many Oxides Generated in the
Low-Speed Area are moved into the
Product due to the Rapid Change in

Multi Steps Transition

Multi Steps Transition

Increase Reliability of Oxide Distribution
Patterns due to Real-Case Speed Changes