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Metal Mold Casting


& Volume

Shrinkage defects occur during solidification and usually occur in the final solidification area. In other words, in order to accurately predict shrinkage defects, flow/solidification analysis by accurate temperature calculation is required. The solidification calculation considers the Fs-T Curve as well. When predicting shrinkage defects, a method that tracks volume, surface area, and modulus of retained melt is used and to predict micro shrinkage, the typical Niyama Criterion is used. AnyCasting also has a feature called Shrinkage Volume which takes into consideration the type of alloy and its shrinkage rate in the final solidification area.

Shrinkage Prediction & Volume

Product Name : BRAKE CALIPER

Melt Material : A356 (AA)

Tilting Angle : 90°

  • Display defect information with just one click with no need for filling videos
  • Check the soundness of the runner shape and location
  • Predict the result of isolated gas being discharged through vent and parting line