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Vacuum equipment is one of the methods for producing sound casting through the die casting process, and in order to increase the soundness in thin and complex shaped products, it is most effective to use the vacuum during filling. AnyCasting’s vacuum analysis is performed by using the set value in the vacuum equipment. It is a highly useful feature that calculates the vacuum pressure in the cavity and can also predict the time to reach the target vacuum and derives the optimum vacuum condition to remove gas.

Product Name : TRANSAXLE CASE Melt Material : ADC12 (JIS)
  • Considers air discharged inside the mold
  • Predicts vacuum pressure distribution caused from melt filling and vacuum inside the cavity,
    and can predict the time is takes for the vacuum to end
  • Considers real vacuum equipment setting conditions (vacuum tank, pump, vacuum hose, vent, etc.)
  • Able to verify the performance of various vacuum equipment and optimize vacuum condition

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