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Ingot Casting


Oxide & Slag

Oxide is one of the factors that can cause surface defects and various internal defects. It is caused by the formation of an oxide film when the melt is exposed to the air during filling. In addition, if the slag remains in the melt, it may move along the flow of the melt and become isolated within the product, causing defects.

Oxide & Slag Prediction

Product Name : INGOT 45Ton

Melt Material : SCM440 (JIS)

  • Prediction of final retained areas and identify inclusion paths during filling
  • Optimize pouring conditions by predicting inclusion

Gas Amount

AnyCasting’s Gas Amount feature is used to predict defects caused by gas in the melt and gas generated during filling. The analysis is conducted under the assumption that the gas in melt is dissolved during casting. The results that can be simulated are flow of generated gas, identification of isolated distribution, and the prediction of isolated gas volume.

Gas Amount

Product Name : HOLLOW INGOT 20Ton

Melt Material : 4340 (AISI)

  • Prediction of final retained areas and identify the gas movement during pouring
  • Optimize pouring conditions by predicting gas
  • Through quantitative analysis, understand the amount of gas in the whole cast or in a specific region