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SIGAP (Shrinkage Induced Gas Porosity) feature in AnyCasting can be used as a method for predicting micro-shrinkage defects that occur during solidification by gases present in the melt. By calculating the solubility and concentration difference of the gas during solidification along with the pressure generate, growth, and disappearance of isolated gases between the dendritic phases are calculated to predict micro-shrinkage defects.

Predict Microporosity
  • Initial gas concentration values can be modified for each alloy
  • Different in prediction of micro-shrinkage defects from other software
  • Can be used regardless of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys
  • Verified prediction method of micro-shrinkage defects through experiments


Filling is achieved by the pressure difference generated by applying pressure to the upper and lower parts, and it is a casting method that can expect great advantages such as improved mechanical properties and control of micro-shrinkage defects due to uniform structure of pressure applied on the upper part. The Counter Pressure Casting module of AnyCasting sets the pressure in the furnace located at the bottom and the product part located at the top respectively and sets the same conditions as the actual equipment

Counter Pressure Casting1
  • Pressure can be set inside the lower furnace and upper mold
  • Pressure graph created considering the set pressure values
  • Same value input system as actual equipment
Counter Pressure Casting2