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Sand Casting


Results Combination

When observing the calculated results, combine two or more analysis results to create new result, and to match the defect or physical and chemical phenomenon that appeared at the actual casting site, use the Results Combination function to combine the results desired by the user. Union or Intersection combinations are possible to using 2 or more, 5 or fewer results, and individual coloring for each result and cross region coloring features allow for more intuitive observation of results.

Real Post on PowerPoint
  • Fast combinatorial operation
  • While observing results, results to be combined can be entered immediately
  • By selecting union and intersection, 2 or more / 5 or less results can be combined

Real Post

In order to share the results with many engineers, it is necessary to install a program that can check the results on multiple PCs and check the details of each result. However, installation of many programs is difficult. The Real Post on PowerPoint feature allows observation at the same level as the result check program in PowerPoint by saving specific results separately. It is a feature that can be of great help in enhancing the utilization of analysis in the field due to the possibility of sharing results on any PC with PowerPoint installed.

Real Post on PowerPoint
  • Extract specific results using anyPOST (Result Checking Program)
  • Results can be observed in PowerPoint
  • Zoom in/out results within PowerPoint, section observation, and video playback/playback conditions can be controlled
  • Create a detailed report by observing the results to give more information on the results