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Metal Mold Casting



The settings to proceed with the tilt casting analysis using AnyCasting can be set simply so that even beginners can use it. Important information when setting the process is tilt direction and maximum tilt angle, the center point during tilting, total tilt time, and the tilt radius is determined by the center point setting when tilting so the center point setting must be carefully identified and set.
In the case of a filling even in which tilt is in progress when observing the analysis result after setting, it is possible to observe the entire movement, which can be turned on/off by user selection.

Tilting Process1

Product Name : CYLINDER HEAD

Melt Material : AC4B (JIS)

Tilting Angle : 45°

  • Simple way of setting tilt
  • Intuitive verificiation of user-set values (central point, tilt direction, tilt angle)
  • Automatic calculation of the amount of melt in the hopper (the amount of melt required is automatically calculated and entered)
Tilting Process2
  • Mold modeling including hopper is required
  • Tilt center point setting
  • Setting the maximum tilt angle and direction
  • Setting the total tilt time (Time difference for each angle can be set)
  • Automatic calculation of required amount of melt