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Ingot Casting



Prediction of solidification shrinkage in the large ingot process can be observed using a combination of retained melt surface area, volume, modulus and probability distribution method used in general processes. To predict shrinkage defects occurring in the center of the product rather than the top, the Combined Defect Parameter feature is recommended, which is a method of predicting defects by combining several factors calculated during solidification.

Shrinkage Model

Product Name : INGOT 45Ton

Melt Material : SCM440 (JIS)

  • Various shrinkage defect prediction
  • Improve accuracy of defect prediction by adjusting parameters
  • Default data such as Niyama, Modified Niyama, and Feeding Efficiency can be used

Hot Tearing

Cracks occurring in the center of the product in large ingot process are classified as fatal defects, so prediction through analysis is very important.
AnyCasting predicts the cracked area in the product through the Hot Tearing Intensity method which combines the solidification distribution curve and the retained melt modulus parameter during solidification.

Real Post on PowerPoint

Product Name : INGOT 13Ton

Melt Material : SCM440 (JIS)

  • Use of core crack prediction technique in the product
  • User can change crack prediction formula
  • Possible to create a combined formula of two or more solidification-related output results