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2023 Online UGM held in China

  • 18th April, 2023
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On April 12, 2023, AnyCasting successfully held its 2023 China Regional Online User Conference! The main theme of this year's AnyCasting User Conference was "Giga Casting and Middle Casting", and nearly 220 guests from die casting and casting industry related assembly plants and OEM supply factories, die casting and casting companies, mold manufacturing companies, universities and research institutes, AnyCasting users, and professional media reporters

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Younghoon Yim, General Manager of AnyCasting's Overseas Sales Department, delivered the keynote speech. He first appreciated all the AnyCasting's users in China for their long-term support and love for the software, and talked about how, as the new energy industry flourishes and brings profound changes to the casting industry, AnyCasting, like all casting professionals, is ready to meet the challenges.

Both AnyCasting's headquarters in Korea and its China team brought exciting technical presentations to the audience, including "Application Areas and Future Prospects of Diecast Parts for New Energy Electric Vehicles", "Analysis of Heat Treatment Deformation of Thin-Walled Die-Cast Parts Corresponding to Integrated Die Casting", "Analysis of High Vacuum Die Casting Process Variables and Casting Schemes for Tesla Model Y Rear Chassis", "Analysis Algorithm and Application Cases of High Vacuum Thin-Walled Die Casting", "Integrated Die Casting Core Technology (Giant Die-Casting Technology)", "Algorithm and Test Cases for Gas Defects in Sand Cores", "Cost Analysis Strategy for Conceptual Design of Casting Schemes" and "Improvement and Testing of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ductile Iron Casting".


We sincerely thank all the guests and partners who participated in this online User Conference and look forward to meeting again next time!